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23 Feb

Can your business benefit from Instagram?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you likely know what Instagram is. The popular photo and video sharing app Instagram posted some impressive user statistics in 2015 and the statistics show that users are not going to stop anytime soon.

The app boasts 400 million monthly active users with well over 75 million of those using the app every day. Currently, 32% of businesses are using it as a marketing tool. That may seem like a draw for anyone looking to spread some sort of message to a lot of people, but it’s important to remember that, despite its popularity, Instagram is not beneficial for every type of business.

The big question to ask yourself before investing your valuable time and resources into Instagram is this: does your business have a strong visual component? If the answer is yes, then Instagram might be a valuable tool in your business marketing strategy.

To put this question perspective, here is a quick breakdown of five different kinds of businesses that can benefit from Instagram. Keep in mind that by no means are these the ONLY businesses that can benefit from Instagram, but these are ones we have seen to be particularly well suited for the platform.


Instagram for Restaurants

Food porn”, as it’s commonly referred to on social media, reigns supreme on Instagram. People love posting pictures of their culinary adventures and other people love looking at pictures of delicious meals. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if you’re a restaurant or food proprietor of some sort, you could try and describe how great your food is using lots of pretty language, or you could just post a picture. That’s why Instagram is perfect for pretty much any kind of food business. All you have to do is show off your goods and people will have visual proof of just how good they are. Of course, the more artistic and creative you are in your photography, and the more hashtags you use, will affect just how much people like your business.



Instagram for Fashion

This one’s a no-brainer. Many of the biggest accounts on Instagram are models and apparel companies. Obviously, people want to look at beautiful people. For clothing and other kind of fashion brands, the platform is a change to have some fun and add a little more personality to your brand than you would get from placing an ad in a magazine or on TV. With Instagram you are able to tell a story with your brand that would not be as effective in a magazine ad or with a TV commercial. Plus, by using hashtags you can reach every kind of niche and demographic without dropping boatloads of money like you would with traditional advertising.



Instagram for Crafts (Etsy, homemade objects)

The rise of the DIY movement and websites like Etsy has created a strong base of people interested in both making and buying crafts. People love checking out the handmade wares of others, and when it comes to purchasing said wares, it instills a sense of pride in the consumer when they can know exactly who made their product, where it comes from, and even how it’s produced. Think of Instagram as your own personal storefront, and instead of having to bet on people walking through the door, you can bring your goods directly to them using hashtags!


The persian lioness comet. #isBAE #ricardocavolo #illustration #handmade

A photo posted by ricardocavolo (@ricardocavolo) on


Instagram for Bands/entertainment industry

This one is also kind of a no-brainer. People feel closer to culture – whether it be a band, artist, celebrity or even a politician – when they can get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on beyond the spotlight. As we have seen my major celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Instagram can also be a subtle (and not so subtle) way for product placement. For a company looking to get a product out there, it can have a far greater and more effective reach to have a famous person with millions of Instagram followers praise their product than to waste boatloads of money on traditional ads. At the end of the day, Instagram is all about creating a personal connection in a way that is visually appealing, and that makes it basically the perfect platform for anyone in the cultural world.



Instagram for Car Companies

This one may not be as obvious considering that most people who use Instagram are younger and not as likely to make a large purchase like a new car just because they see a cool picture of it on social media. Then again, cars are kind of like food in the way many people just love looking at pictures of them. In this sense, Instagram is perfect for slowly crafting a brand image and allowing people to connect with your products over time. This has been done quite well by a handful of car companies:


Happy #ValentinesDay (Photo courtesy: @kristinmc40, @1_tigger_13, @subiechick02 and @P.langerz)

A photo posted by Subaru of America (@subaru_usa) on


Fired up!💥 #GoPriusGo 📷: @bryant

A photo posted by toyotausa (@toyotausa) on


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